Bandwidth limter

I’ve set my desired upload speed limit. But, the setting is not limiting the upload to Google drive. Is there an additional setting that is required?

Hi~ @admin5 ,

Bandwitdh settings of RaiDrive operate on a per-file basis.
If you set your upload speed to 3MB/s, it will limit you to a maximum of about 30Mbps.
If you upload multiple files at the same time, please understand that the speed limit for each file is limited, not the overall speed limit.

Hello @RaiDrive,

I was about to make a post for a similar issue in regards to downloads, but did a forum search first and found this post. I was unaware that the bandwidth limiter was per file.
I was wondering if you’d be able to add an extra option for a global limit? Then preferably distinctly label the current limiter as per file.

I currently use RaiDrive with GoogleDrive for my torrents and I’d prefer not to have my internet throttled if 20 torrents are active or underperform if only one torrent is going.


EDIT: I also just noticed that the lowest you can limit the bandwidth is 1MB/s, which is also a bit high for my circumstance.

Hi~ @Beyond ,

RaiDrive rate-limits files you upload or download.
There is no global rate limiting feature, and there are no plans for development yet.
1 MB is the minimum RaiDrive can control.