Available drive letter

I would like an option so that the remote directory is not based on a fixed letter, but - as for example with USB devices - on the first free letter.

Hi @Varteresz_Gabor,

RaiDrive already supports the first free drive letter in order starting from Z.

Thank you for your answer.
If I remove check sign after “Drive” word on connection details panel, then “Ok” and “Apply” buttons turn disabled. In drive letter combo box I found only letters from “Z” to “A”. I would like an option in this combo (or a separated checkbox) like “auto” or “first available” letter, because I don’t want to keep reconfiguring connections based on which letters are in currently use.

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Do you mean that regardless of the drive letter, it will automatically keep trying to change drive letters until it succeeds?

Yes, that would do. It is not important for me to be able to set a preferred drive letter.

@Varteresz_Gabor, Thank you for waiting.

We’ve research hot to implement this feature, but found that the current device drive for RaiDrive does not support it.
In the future version, we expect that RaiDrive support this feature.