Automatic proxy detection


First, let me thank the author of this wonderful program - you literally changed the way I interact with my cloud storage! Well done!

I would like to propose a new feature that will be a huge time saver for people who regularly change their location - an automatic proxy detection. Like in my case at home I have an Internet connection without any proxy, but at work we have an HTTP corporate proxy that insists to intercept our traffic :wink: Every morning and evening I need to manually change the proxy server setting in RaiDrive in order to mount my cloud drives. Two times a day. Every day :slight_smile: I believe that an automatic system proxy detection feature will be very beneficial for all users of this wonderful software.

Kindest regards,

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Hi~ @ivanbondar,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
We totally understand what you mean and will consider how to solve this issue in the future version.