Any chance of creating a UNC addon?

I would pay for the ability to map a remote resource like an FTP server to a UNC path, as well as (or instead of) a drive letter.

WebDrive has this already, but I’d rather use RaiDrive, especially since my WebDrive license is for an older version whose FTPS support sucks, and I don’t want to pay $50 or $60 for an update to the latest version unless I’m 100% sure it’ll give me working FTPS support (and I am not anywhere near 100% sure of that). Plus, RaiDrive seems to connect more quickly.

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Hi~ @Steve_Sobol,

RaiDrive already supports UNC path on the File Explorer.
But you have to un-check Local Disk property.


Ok. Thank you - but where is that coming from? How did you get the hostname “RaiDrive-John” in this example?

Oh, never mind. I see.

It would be nice to be able to set a distinct UNC path for each connection, rather than \RaiDrive-[username][connection’s volume label]. WebDrive allows you to do \hostname\sharename where you can set both the hostname and the sharename. Also, if you create a connection, and change the volume label later, it looks like you can still only access the share using the original volume label. For example, I set up a connection and set the volume label to “one”, and can see the connection at \RaiDrive-sjsobol\one - if I then change the volume label to “two”, the UNC path doesn’t change; it’s still \RaiDrive-sjsobol\one.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion. :smiley:
It will be included in the next coming version.

RaiDrive has followed the policy of Windows operating system.
A network drive has two names (volume , label). The volume name is used for UNC path and the label is for the display name of a drive. Windows keeps the volume name forever.

But we decided that the volume and the label make have the same value at the connection time. It will be more helpful and reasonable for usage like your opinion. :+1: