All connection down in Australia

All Webav service connection down for Australia ,including Sydney, Brisbane and New Castle Start from 16:06

A detailed description and a log file are required to confirm the error phenomenon.
Please send a detailed description and log file via e-mail(

  • Log file : C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

Under the stated path, no log file showing

Thank you for sending log files by email.

Log files say that RaiDrive could not connect to WebDAV server within a TIMEOUT interval.
It can be possible in two cases.

  1. Internet or proxy was down.
  2. WebDAV server was down.

In case 1, you can check “ping” in the command terminal.
In case 2, you can check with the alternative WebDAV client like WinSCP.

How about now?

Hi Leader,

Internet online, webDAV for synology check status online, winscp can be connected, just raidrive.

Could you check whether your client is included in Block List in Synology admin?

Hi Leader,

That’s not the problem of login , we have several users, including admin users can’t connect.

So, the proxy may be a clue.

We tried to connect your WebDAV server without any porxy and finally connected but of course unauthorized. (:grin:)
Did you set proxy on RaiDrive or Windows?

Also, we recommend an upgrade to version