Again : MEGA not mounting

Starting today MEGA is not mounting anymore.
Error message is ErrorDriveConnect, LiteDB ENSURE : invalid segment position

This happens only on 1 of our 2 PCs running Raidrive with the identical MEGA account, the other one works fine.

Logs are sent. They show USER INVALID but user credentials are correct.

Hi @info1,

Thanks a lot for your issue report.
We’ve sent an email with a new patch.

I don’t mean to be unhelpful. But I also use Mega with raidrive. I’m using 2023.9.119, and I have no issues with mega. Do you, by chance have 2fa enabled with mega? That could could lead to authentication issues if not input.

Hello Nathan,

no, we do not have 2FA enabled. The patch delivered by RaiDrive did the job.