Account silently logged out and lost pro features

This is a general concern.

I have a team using subscription plan and we highly reply on the file lock feature. The problem is, I realized when I update the software my account is logged out and lock feature is disabled, I expect there will be some other circumstances when my account will be logged out silently without any warning. For all my team members, I cannot expect them constantly checking whether they are logged out. When they are unconsciously using a non-pro version and edit files together, the majority of our work will be overwritten many times and will lead to a disaster.

So I want to make it clear: We need to make sure once the account is logged in, it will stay like that no matter what happens. Or at least give us a warning that we are not logged in. We cannot afford one mistake caused by our accounts being saliently logged out.

Hi~ @Lu_Yang,

Thanks a lot for your issue report, but we found only your cancelled subscription.
Probably you have another subscription which is owned by another email account.

To investigate this issue, we have to know the exact email account.
Please report by an issued email account.