Account has two professional licenses but it keeps logging me out every time I use the other PC

Hi, I currently have two professional licenese under my account, and every time I use my second computer, my main computer would get logged out.

I can only set default on one of the license and I’m not sure why only one license work.


Hi~ @whenrulesturnloose ,

We’ve checked and found that you’ve only subscribed to one license.
If you want to use it on two devices at the same time, you’ll need to subscription an additional license.

Hi, it shows I have two licenses under my subsciptions

Hi~ @whenrulesturnloose ,

If you have purchased two licenses of one each, you will not be able to log in and use them at the same time.
To resolve the issue, we’ll refund one subscription.
Please select the subscription you wish to cancel, click the Unsubscribe at the next billing date button, and send us( an email requesting a refund, and we will issue the refund.
After the refund is complete, you can increase the number of licenses to two to use on two PCs at the same time.