Access Denied - Permission Issues

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I connected my dad laptop with the FTP server on our internet router. Previously, there’s none known error or issues. But suddenly this error shows up & my dad seem can access his files (open,edit,read,etc) but with a slight problems any updates or write attempt seems to be failed.

Would much appreciate on this troubleshoots to this problems.
Please & Thank you :wink:

Hi~ @M.Hidayat,

It is probably caused by the write permission issue on your file, folder or drive (screenshot 01).
Could you check the property of “Attributes” and also Security tab?

If you could not solve, please send log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to

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Thanks for the help. After trying the solution still can’t solve it but later I discover not only RaiDrive been acting weird, some of my software was acting bit glitch also after the latest Microsoft major update. So after get in touch with their support team it’s advisable to do a clean install.

Now everything has runs smoothly as previously.
Thanks again for your guidance. :slight_smile:

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