About using the same login on two computers simultaneously.

I use Google Workspace (new name for Google GSuite) and I have the following structure.
I have a local pc at my house and I have a VPS computer outside the country and I would like to know how I could log into Raidrive on both pc at the same time, i.e. simultaneously so that I can upload/move/copy files and/or or folder from my local pc and/or my VPS pc to Workspace.

Currently when I log into Raidrive on my local pc the Raidrive on my VPS pc is instantly disconnected.
Is it possible, even if I pay monthly for this, to login to the same account on two computers at the same time?
Thanks for any tips as of now.

Hi~ @homecine_cloud ,

When you have one license, if you log in on one PC and then log in on another PC, you will be logged out of the PC you were logged into first.
If you wish to use them simultaneously, you must subscribe to additional licenses for simultaneous use.
If you want to use it on two PCs at the same time, you need to subscribe to two or more licenses for smooth use.