About cache setting

Is it possible to limit cache data size ?
I mount a google drive and copy a lot of files to it .

But it seems the upload files copy to the cache disk first and upload in the background. The RaiDrive run out of my cache disk and then the copy progress got an error and stop.

Could I let RaiDrive upload file directly and limit the cache size ?

Hi~ @cchaha_X,

RaiDrive has no limit to the size of the cache.
You can only handle the lifetime of the cache file for uploading or downloading like the following.
Could you try to decrease the time and then re-connect?

I had already use min Write Lifetime setting.

But the speed of copy to cache is much faster than upload to cloud , if I copy a lot of files to cloud at once , eventually the cache disk still will be full with a lot of files waiting for upload.

And another problem is for now on I can not upload a file bigger than my cache disk free size. I hope raidrive can upload to cloud directly not copy to cache first at least.

How about trying the Performance Extension?
The upload feature does not use any cache file.

I had already enabled “Performance Extension” , but I use xplorer2 as my default file explorer.
Copy file to cloud in xplorer2 seem still use cache file.

By the way , the Performance Extension only can set global behavior ( overwrite , rename , skip) , it is not convenient to choose the behavior case by case

Hi~ @cchaha_X,

RaiDrive will support the minimum lifetime of cache to zero second.
This feature is under testing and will be announced very soon.

Does zero setting meanings copy to cloud directly not pass to cache first ?

If it still copy to cache first before uploading , it still can not upload the file which size bigger than cache disk free size …

No, a cache file will be created and closed after finishing copying.

Unfortunately, Yes, it’s the issue of architecture.

Is there any chance to have an option to make upload directly as default behavior in the feature?
It is helpful when uploading large file under small cache disk.

In fact I usually like to set cache path to a ram disk , I need cache some txt , source code for realtime editing , but these kind of files are often small , so it is perfect to cache in ram disk for best performance. At mean time , sometimes I need to upload big file which size is bigger than ram disk , and it will get an error.

Absolutely agree with you. :smiley:
We will consider future versions to include this feature.

I also have a caching request, but a different one. I use RaiDrive to watch movies directly from my GDrive, and sometimes there are problems due to the bandwidth. So I wished I could choose the following options:

  1. increase download cache to days, weeks, months and even “infinite”
  2. let RaiDrive pre-cache certain files, such as movies (mp4 files etc.)
    Any feedback is much appreciated, thank you!

Hi , I have some different thoughts about this situation.

In fact I also watch movies directly from my GDrive. But my expectation for RaiDrive is reduce the random access time as possible as my bandwidth can afford.

I think if your bandwidth could not afford the bit-rate of the movie. Only pre-cache can solve this problem. But if I in this situation , I think I also colud pre-download whole movie by myself.

If I wnat to watch movie tomorrow , I could start downloading it before I go to bed . If I suddenly want to watch movie at this moment , I think the pre-cache still can not help much.

You mention pre-cache certain files, such as movies (mp4 files etc.) . I am not sure it is a good idea for common situation. I have a lot of movie in the GDrive , I upload to GDrive because my local disk is out of space . Base on the precondition , I also don’t have much space for pre-cache

I think if RaiDrive implement this feature. Maybe it need some comprehensive setting to control cache behavior , something like right-click on the file and click “cache-this file” and “clear cache” …

I think the cache setting of WebDrive is pretty good , maybe you take it as reference…