502 Bad Gateway Google Login

When we try to log in with the Google user, we get the message “502 Bad Gateway” "nginx/1.24.0

Hi~ @SUA_Admin,

Did it happen when you clicked “Google” button?

I receive “Choose an account”
and then “502 Bad Gateway”

Could you let me know the whole URL on “502 Bad Gateway” page in a web browser?

raidrive url.txt (1016 Bytes)

Could you try logout from Google?

It’ll take a time to analysis. We will reply ASAP.

All users from our company have the problem. Nobody can log in.

Could you try two things?

  1. Update Chrome browser: Version 120.0.6099.110

  2. Change the current browser to Edge in RaiDrive

Hi~ @SUA_Admin,

We changed several parameters that were expected to be clues to the issue. Could you try to login again?

The login works again. Many thanks!

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