2020.6.25 version doesn't work


After updating to the latest version I receive this error with my shared Google drives.
I have uninstalled Raidrive, reinstalled it and reconfigured the drives but the error continues.

Hi~ @Teddy_Tuson,

Could you send log files to support@raidrive.com?

I sent it to mail.

Hi~ @Teddy_Tuson,

Your log said that the device driver was not installed.
Please refer to the following topic.

I have tried everything,
I have uninstalled Raidrive, I have uninstalled the Eidos PNP vitual Bus driver and reinstalled everything and the problem continues.
The only solution has been to recover an image of the O.S that I had for 2 days.
I think I will forget to install this latest version because with the previous one everything works well for me…

Hi, It happens the same to me. The service strats with windows startup but i see no virtual disk on my wiindows explorer…what i need to do is click and exit the application and the start it myself. i hope this fixes in the next days

After installing, Windows should be restarted because of the PNP driver characteristics.

@cebarahonab_cebaraho, Could you send log files to support@raidrive.com?