Windows VPS/Plex/Google Team Drive = Cache Issues

I have a Windows VPS running Plex Media Server with RaiDrive connecting to an unlimited Google Team Drive. The media is basically streaming out to connected Plex devices, not storing on the VPS.

I’m getting insufficient raidrive cache messages using up half my 40gb SSD drive. Is there a way to disable the cache or deactivate it at all? Or the very least to clear it after the streaming is complete?

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Hi~ @Andrew_Mouser,

Basically RaiDrive keeps cache files as long as it can for the usability.
But you can adjust the lifetime for reading to 10 seconds from 30 minutes(default).
It means that a cache file will be deleted after 10 seconds from file closing.


Thanks… I’ll give that a try. I’m sure it’ll help a bit.