Website suggestions: Plans and Lifetime

I just discovered the new pricing with the lifetime offerings. Thank you so much for implementing this!

Unfortunately, it took me longer to find it than expected so I figured to make some suggestions that would have helped me (and that surely would help everyone else and new visitors too):

  1. The “Together” button is the most clear, being highlighted, but its meaning isn’t clear at all and it doesn’t show the standard paid plans:
    Unless you care about Free, Educational and Nonprofit users the very most, opposed to the other paid plans also, I think all plans should be in one and the same place, or at least clearly link to one another;

  2. To add to point 1, the Pricing and Together pages look really similar, so it’s even more difficult to tell the difference for those just browsing the site. It actually made me think you abandoned the standard plans altogether;

  3. I think you should put the features that all plans share separately, and then have a comparison table for all the features and platforms that differ;

  4. It’s not made clear whether Lifetime includes future updates too. It only says the license stays active forever, which may make it look like a perpetual license for only the current version, opposed to all future updates (or just those of the current version) being included too. I think making this clear would help and make it more attractive for those familiar with other applications with perpetual/lifetime plans that don’t include updates;

  5. It’s not clear if Lifetime plans allow for plan upgrades and how those are handled, whether a Starter can upgrade to Individual or if they have to pay full price for it again then.

I hope it helps!

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