WebDAV hang on Disconnect

Hello! When hitting the stop button for a WebDAV connection (Synology, https), the client appears to hang (dots continue to circle the stop button indefinitely). The drive seems partially disconnected (still visible from Explorer as a drive, but inaccessible). The log reports “Drive Stopped” and “Delete Mountpoint Z: Success”, but the client never seems to recognize this. Restarting the client (but leaving the service running) results in a client window listing no connections, and the top Add, Settings, and Sign In buttons are visible but inactive.

This is experienced even after uninstalling/restarting/reinstalling/restarting. Relevant version: (64Bit), running on Windows 10 Pro, filesystem driver version

Any advice?

Hi~ @Greg_Jones,

Can you send a log file by :email: email(support@raidrive.com) to check for errors?
If you send us a log file, we will review the error and reply again.