Webdav flood of request


i’m the alldebrid administrator and we advise your software to connect to our webdav server (Webdav access for your Alldebrid media folder - Alldebrid Help), however, your implementation seems to have a big issue:

1/ We get a huge flood of request from raidrive to the point of webdav user with raidrive are 90% of website request, this is due to a bug where you seems to request the same file if 404, over and over, every 15s, so if someone have 1000 link 404, you send 1000x15x4=6000req/min or 360 000req/hours …

I believe their is a issue with cache invalidation, if you get a 404, please keep the answer and remove the file from the list, or get the top folder to “refresh” the data.

Best regards

Hi~ @tsukasagenesis ,

Please let us know if the same issue occurs after upgrading to Night Build.
Also, please email(support@raidrive.com) us the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log).