URGENT! Licences are not updating


I have to login and reshare folders for random pharmacies now multiple times a day because they can’t reach their files. I added new licences a few days ago becaus we ran out, but it seams they still haven’t updated. Can you make sure that the bought licences will be applied to our account asap?

With kind regards,

Koen Janssen

Hi~ @Koen_Janssen,

Thanks a lot for your subscriptions.
Basically, new licenses take effect as soon as you purchase them.
You can view consumption status at the link below.

If you still have issues, please email support@raidrive.com.

ah that explains. It’s odd because my administration says we use less.
Can inactive logins be logged out after a while?

Your administrator can force the memeber to log out at Share page.

okay perfect! although the information showed there is incorrect then.
It says that there are 13 licenses left in the share tab. But i’m missing a few pc’s/servers here:

In the subscription it says two active subscriptions although we only have one, and they’re exactly the same:

how is this possible?
I’d like to see all the users under the share tab so that i can logout the unwanted users.

Greetings :slight_smile:

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i can’t seem to change status = active to unactive which might show me the inactive clients

but then again, if the ones that i dont see are not active, then they should be given back to my subscription count

Sorry for your inconvenience.

The displayed number 24 was calculated incorrectly, but this does not affect your actual license.
We will fix it as soon as possible.

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Issues which you reports have been fixed. Thank so much for your reports.
Please let us know if you are still in trouble.

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thanks a lot, i’ll let you know when i have more issues :slight_smile:

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