Unable to save or rename files

Hi All,

I would like to seek some assistance on this issue I am having with RaiDrive. We have a Synology NAS as our file server. I can connect to our Synology using RaiDrive and got no issues in accessing folders and files, users can copy and paste files from local drive into the mapped drived (RaiDrive). The only problem we have is when we open a file (excel, word, pdf etc) and try to save it to another filename, it won’t allow to us save, same thing goes when trying to rename a folder from the server.
Does any encountered this kind of issue with RaiDrive? Are there any procedure on how I can resolve this issue? Thanks.

Hi~ @rx0725,
Thanks a lot for your report. :smiley:

Did you save a file into the root folder of Synology?
If so, it cannot be saved or renamed.
If not, please send log files (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to support@raidrive.com.