Unable to link onedrive edu account

AADSTS650051: Using application ‘RaiDrive’ is currently not supported for your organization mails.jlu.edu.cn because it is in an unmanaged state. An administrator needs to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation of mails.jlu.edu.cn before the application RaiDrive can be provisioned. Trace ID: 9749adab-55c5-4636-b796-f8cf53324a00 Correlation ID: e66f97c3-a40f-4cb2-8e70-92d4ef291ad6 Timestamp: 2020-01-24 13:34:44Z
how can i solve it ? I am not an administrator.

Hi~ @Zonghua_Li,

OneDrive Business works on the Azure Active Directory (AAD).
Your administrator for mails.jlu.edu.cn needs to approve RaiDrive in the Enterprise Application menu on ADD.