Unable to have pro access despite i just paid for it

have jus paid for 1 month pro service, but the access doesnt grant me the pro feature such as “write” on pro version… Kindly check.

Hi~ @Jason_Wang ,

Check if the storage you want to use the write function is paid storage, and if it is paid storage, click the Change button in the Subscription menu on the homepage to add an Addon.

Hi, i was trying to have write function for one drive business which already included in the plan. It still shows that i am not yet in pro version despite sign up and paid.
Believe this already inclusive of the monthly plan for onedrive business writable function

Hi~ @Jason_Wang ,

Go to the Shared with me menu on the homepage and set your default subscription to Professional Edition to check it out and let us know the results. If the issue persists, please send a screenshot of the error screen and drive setting screen along with the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) by email(support@raidrive.com). We will tell you again after confirmation.

Thanks. It works by removing shared plan as previously i have the covid 19 plan.
Maybe suggestion would be kindly help to remove that from user account since it is already expired and reset back to normal.