Trying to add a OneDrive folder times out / crashes

I am trying to add a folder from my OneDrive For Business account and I think the problem is that the directory has too many subfolders and it makes RaiDrive freak out. It is a music folder with subfolders for all my Artists, which is a lot.

When I double-click the parent folder I want to add, because it has too many subfolders to list, the explorer window is blank as it is thinking and never recovers. It will ask me to re-auth to OneDrive after an hour, but it never populates the folder contents so I can click OK to add that parent folder.

I was able to add this folder a year or so ago when I first purchased RaiDrive and it worked great, but after reloading my PC this is the issue I am having. Sometimes waiting long enough creates a memory leak for the RaiDrive process. Sometimes if I am able to cancel out to the main RaiDrive window and try again, I do see a quick glimpse of the folder contents but then it quickly jumps back to the root folder list.

Any help is appreciated and my only rant about all this is that it would be nice to be able to just highlight the parent folder I want to Add instead of having to double-click into it first to Add.

Hi~ @Eric_Allerton ,

Sorry for late reply.
To confirm exactly what you’re talking about, we’d need a logfile(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) right after it happened.
Please email( us the log file and We’ll take a quick look and get back to you.