The invitation account cannot be used


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Hi~ @li_chao ,

If you log in and use when you have one license, and another user logs in, the account that was originally logged in will be logged out.
If you want multiple users to use it at the same time, you need to add the number of licenses.

But what does share my subscription with others mean,Unlimited drives

Unlimited RaiDrive Running

What do you mean?

My understanding is that I share the license with other accounts, so this account can also use the professional version?

thank you

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Hi~ @li_chao ,

The meaning of Unlimited RaiDrive Running stated on the homepage means that you can use RaiDrive without running restrictions on an OS that uses multiple sessions, such as Windows Server.

Unlimited drives means that the number of drives that can be connected is limited to 8 in the Standard Edition, and unlimited connections are possible in the Professional Edition.

That account can run on many computers, but you can only log in to one. What does that mean? After sharing, the other party can’t use the professional version?

I need to use many computers. Each computer needs to have the function of attaching local disks. It also needs the function of professional edition. What do I do?

Reply thank you。Besides, I need 15 licenses. Can it be cheaper?

Hi~ @li_chao ,

Annual subscriptions are already discounted.
Sorry, no further discounts are possible.

The description in their ad is so deceptive that “Unlimited RaiDrive Running” makes it seem like you can run RaiDrive on multiple devices at the same time after purchasing. I just met the error and saw your page after I bought it and found out that I was cheated. This is so frustrating! I’m past my trial period and can’t get a refund!
I’m so ashamed of RaiDrive, they use free to lure users, harass users with disgusting ad pop-ups, and then use such deceptive tactics to make money when users want to remove ads!

Update: They refunded me shortly after I posted this comment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I think RaiDrive’s service attitude is good. They can respond to users’ demands in a timely manner.