System.NotSupportedException - Impossible to start Raidrive

Hello Everybody,

I try Raidrive on both aof my pc :

  • Nuc Hades with WIndows 10 Entreprise
  • MSI laptop with WIndoss 10 Family

Raidrive works smooth with the MSI Win10 Family, but refuses to start on the Nuc Win10 Entreprise.
Every time I tried I received this message : System.NotSupportedException : security protocol…

May someone help me to fix this ? I don’t understand where the problem comes from ?

Thanks a lot !

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I have the same problem after installation > run >
RaiDrive 202.6.80
System.NotSupportedExeption: The requested security protocol is not supported
The system is a Windows 10 Pro

I have the same Issue on Windows Server 2019