Synology WebDav - 404 error

Yesterday Raidrive stopped working correctly. Each user is having access issues depending on the drive. My Synology server has four drive, only one of the four is connecting for me. Other users have no issues. I have updated the server software, reinstalled Raidrive, cleared the cashe. No idea what is causing this problem.

Raidrive can not find the path to the drive - 404 Not Found

Please Help

Hi~ @Drew_Cook ,

You may not have permission to access the folder in your Synology Account.
Please check your account’s folder access privileges in Synology Admin Settings.

If the issue is not resolved, please email( the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log).
We’ll get back to you after checking.

I can access all the drives on the server if I map them directly from windows on the wired network . Each user with Raidrive has different drives they can and cannot access. Some users can access all the drives with no problem. This event happened to everyone at the same time.

Some users have had success if they uninstall Raidrive and reinstall it. This issue is with the Raidrive software.

Hi~ @Drew_Cook ,

Please take a screenshot of the drive setting screen of the computer with the issue and send it to us.
Also, to confirm the exact issue, we would like you to provide us with a test account so that we can connect to the server in question and check the problem.
If possible, please create a test account and check if the same problem occurs, and if the same issue occurs, please inform us of the test account information by e-mail(
If you are having trouble supporting a test account, please tell us again.

Hi Raid Support,

We have solved our issues by uninstalling the Raidrive software and then reinstalling the software. It takes some time to map all four drives. The issues we had was in the Raidrive software or the cache.