Sharepoint site not found in drop-down list

I have a Professional license with the Sharepoint add-on but, when I try to add a Sharepoint site from Office365, I get a list of ALL sites that my organisation owns, regardless of my authority to them; and I cannot find the sties of which I am the owner, as they are not included in the list.

Is there a way to manually add the site URL, rather than using the drop-down?
Or, can the drop-down be limited to only the sites that I have permission to/am the owner of?

Many thanks for your help!

Hi~ @dan_pullen,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion and detail description. :+1:
We think that It will be very good features, so will try to handle it in the coming patch version.

Thank you very much for the quick response. Unfortunately, since I cannot find the Sharepoint site I need to sync to, I cannot use RaiDrive at the moment.

I am still in my trial period; how can I cancel my subscription? I will take it out again, once this feature is available, as it seems a great tool!

Thank you for your interest. :smiley:

You can unsubscribe in the following link and press the unsubscribe button.

If you need more trial someday, please let us know.

Hi~ @dan_pullen,

Now RaiDrive 2019.12.14 supports to add a custom site URL manually. :rocket:
Also added the drop-down combo-box to select default(root) or organization(all) sites.


We hope that you can reach your site(s). :pray:

But Microsoft personal account(like still cannot access any SharePoint sites because Microsoft API does not allow. :thinking: