Share with others not sharing subscription

I just setup RaiDrive for my small business of 10 to use. I purchased 10 pro version seats through my account and shared out to everyone’s email. When they login they are not able to select file lock. Then when they click their name it shows they are still under a standard subscription and not the professional that was shared out. When they click shared with me they can view the professional subscription and it looks like it is selected.

Figured out my own answer and wanted to post here if anyone else has the same issue. I initially setup my account and 10 pro license and sent invites to all my employees. The employees did not have an account setup with RaiDrive at the time although were logging in with google at the same address I setup in my account. Doing it this way they were still just seeing the standard license and not the pro I shared. Although they could still see that it was shared with them which I found odd.

The fix was to delete everyone I had my license shared with on my end and re-share the license AFTER they have their RaiDrive account setup. When the logged out and back in it then recognized them as being under one of my Pro seats.