Robocopy updates identical files

When using Robocopy with Raidrive connected to a QNAP disk via the QNAP cloud, identical files are updated in spite `of the /DST command. This is my command line:
robocopy c:\testandsmile f:\testandsmile\testandsmile /COPY:DT /MOT:2 /DST /FFT /R:1 /W:1 /MIR
I have read that this is a known problem of robocopy. Is there another recommended tool to keep folders in sync?

Hi~ @Wolfgang_Junkmail,

We don’t know what is the best sync tool, but the following links may be a good start.

Hi. Did you ever find out what’s wrong? I’m trying to backup a Windows device to Nextcloud and I’m getting the same, tough I’m not using the /DST flag.


I think I found why it’s not working: I don’t know if it’s RD or Nextcloud’s fault, but dates on the remote Nextcloud destination are not kept, at least on the filesystem because on the web interface they seems correct.

In file explorer all files have the same date, while Nextcloud web shows different ones

I found that the best way to use the MyQNAPCloud is to use SFTP. Copying is much faster than via http. The files are synchronized with the proper DateTime stamp. Robocopy works perfectly.
This is how you configure it:
Allow independent port sharing for your QNAP NAS drives
QNAP configuration:
Go to Telnet/SSH Confiuration. Check Allow SSH connection. Check Enable SFTP. For each QNAP you want to connect via Raidrive enter a different port number. I entered 22 for my first QNAP drive and 33 for the second one.
Go to myQNAPCloud Autorouter configuration. Check SSH server/ SFTP server.
Click Add. Select NAS/SFTP. For the sftp:// address use 22 (if you selected port 22 in the QNAP setup). Underneath type in the share directory of your QNAP drive like /share/download. Besides Account enter your QNAP login and password.