Repeated Access Attempt Loop

Occasionally, when there is an issue with connecting via WebDav there appears to be a connection loop. i.e. It will say cannot connect to drive because of some reason.
Clicking cancel will take you to next drive where same error is listed, this continues without stopping.

I can see the message appearing for each of the 6 drives I’m trying to map, but it continues through those drives continuously Exiting the app and starting it up again may or may not work.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to get out of this other than rebooting?

I’m using version 2022.6.92 (which it says is the latest version) on Windows 11 64-bit machine.


Hi~ @Taras_Pich ,

Install Night Build and tell us the results.

When I first installed the nightly build yesterday it went through 3 of the 6 mapped drives before stopping the loop.
This morning I’m experiencing the same behaviour of cancelling the 6 mapped drives repeatedly.
It’s like the access attempts have been queued up and they all need be cancelled.
I closed the RAIDrive window. This time it stayed closed and the cancel loop did not start again.

(The drives failing to map is due to a network change which I won’t be able to correct until the weekend)

Update: Once I closed the window things were fine. Then about 2 hours later it went through the loop again.