Reconnect at boot not working

When Windows starts the drives do not connect automatically even though I have marked “Reconnect at boot”. I have to manually make the connection. Any idea why this happens?

Here are the logs:

service.log (3.7 KB)

center.log (318 Bytes)

Hi~ @aosborne ,

We apologize for any inconvenience.
According to the log, it operated with the Reconnect at boot setting, but it failed because the network was not activated.
We will fix it so that it waits for network activation for an appropriate amount of time.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but please wait until the next patch.

Thanks for the feedback. Any idea on a timeframe for that change ?


Hi~ @aosborne ,

We made a new patch that fixed the issue you mentioned.
Download it, check it out, and tell us the result.

Fantastic work. Fixed the issue.

Super fast fix - I’m very impressed. Thank you.