RaiDrive TLS/SSL versions incompatible with Synology

Last week we had a security audit which brought to live that out Synology servers were using TLS1.1 on the WebDAV connection. After a inspection we upped the TLS/SSL level to “Modern” (as you can see here: Synology: Which TLS-SSL Profile Should I Choose? – Marius Hosting )

The Modern compabilty level only supports TLS 1.2/1.3 and SSL3.0. Looking at the RaiDrive update logs it should support that but I’m unable to connect with these settings. Whenever I set the Synology settings to Intermediate (which means TLS1.1 and lower SSL version) RaiDrive connects again.

This means that RaiDrive is not optimized and doesn’t support native TLS1.3 and SSL3.0 like the update logs indicate(?) Can you guys help me with this.

I’m using RaiDrive to map a Synology folder through WebDAV.

Hi~ @HestronicBV ,

RaiDrive uses TLS/SSL from Windows .Net Framework.
We are aware that cipher suites for TLS 1.3 in the current version of the .Net Framework do not support Synology’s modern cipher suites.
This is a cipher suites issue rather than a TLS version issue.
We’ve been thinking about this issue, and we expect WebDAV’s cipher suites to be addressed in the next version.

Hello RaiDrive,

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be looking out for the next version then.

@RaiDrive When can I expect a new release? This could potentially be the dealbreaker to switch to OneDrive syncs if this is not going to be fixed ASAP…

Hi~ @HestronicBV ,

We are testing the final version before deploying the patch version. We will release a new version as soon as possible.

Hey @RaiDrive,

Can you shine a light on the new release date please? I’m eagerly waiting for this…

@RaiDrive Hello, can I get a date ?

Hi~ @HestronicBV ,

Our last test is getting a little long.
Please wait a few more days.