RaiDrive refuse to start

Yesterday the RaiDrive stopped working, every time when I launched the program it closed itself after few sec. Tried to reinstall also tried different versions but nothing helped, even worse now because I can’t even start the program.

Hi~ @Christian_S,

Could you send RaiDrive 1.8.0 log files under C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log ?
Have you applied the latest update for Windows 7 ?

Yes I tried everything but nothing happened… :confused:
I sent the log files to

Unfortunately, your logs say nothing for this issue. :cry:
Could you check something suspicious in Event Viewer?

  1. press Start button
  2. type Event Viewer

ookay i found the problem “A hibát okozó modul neve: d3d9.dll, verzió: 10.0.18362.329, időbélyeg: 0x1ac9a115”
Just installed an older version and now it’s working! :smiley:

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