RaiDrive on local network

we have several computers that don’t have access to internet but are connected to the local network only. We would like to use RaiDrive on them to connect to our ownCloud storage. However, we can’t!

When RaiDrive starts, it waits for connection to (that is unavailable, of course). When we set up RaiDrive while connected to internet, it works but it stops working when disconnected from internet and connected to our local network only. It just does not reconnect drives until connection to is done.

How to make work RaiDrive without internet?

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Hi~ @Tomas_K,

Unfortunately RaiDrive does not support the local network without connection to internet.
Because It is caused by the business model (subscription), for a while we think that this issue could not be solved.

Hello there,

We have exactly the same issue. We just need the FTP and local disk function in Raidrive, but nothing else in LAN. Just wondering if you can build a special version for us and I would like to pay for this if the price is accaptable.

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