Raidrive log off after some hours

as i say in title log off with a strange message:

this is not my mail and i dont where it came from.

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I can confirm this happens to me as well when i have 2 accounts with 2 PC’s they seem to log each other out after some time with each others computer ID’s. I ended up purchasing a 3rd license until this is fixed. So far this has temporarily fixed the problem.

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I dont have 2 pc just one. I have just made the covid upgrade to profecional.
Did you have the same mail like me?

This is happening to me as well. Even though I tried to login again, it just kept popping up and log me out.
I think my password is already very strong. If it is being hacked, I think the RaiDrive server itself is being hacked somehow, I guess.


Please fix this ASAP. If the server were to be compromised, then our credit card details are possibly also being compromised!!!

*** I just changed my password to an even much more stronger, and also use the 2FA feature to increase more security. Until now, almost half an hour has passed, seems to be no problem now.

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Keep getting this errors.
Now with different mail address.
I have stop raidrive. its serious now…
I am waiting for devs response

Hi~ @babis_alexandropoulo, @Sarun, @Sarun, @Renato_Alcara and everyone who joins COVID-19 subscription.

First of all, very sorry for your inconvenience for a while.

Basically, a shared subscription force to clear a DEAD or the OLDEST session every moment any user signs in. And then RaiDrive notifies why you are disconnected and a user who made this happen.

In the open group like a company, this notification is useful to manage sessions. But in the closed group(like a COVID-19 subscription) in which members do not want to know each other, it was not a good feature.

Even though this mechanism, the shared subscription had one bug. It was the wrong detection of DEAD sessions whenever the session server restarts. Your attached screenshot including a stranger’s email was caused by this wrong detection.

At about 19 hours ago (2020-04-08 06:41:48 UTC), this issue was fixed.

If you have any trouble, please let us know. We will handle ASAP.