RaiDrive keep downloading a file to full size even if program only open the file

I realized that when a program that read a small amount data of a file in RaiDrive and keep the handle opening the file while stop reading no further data, RaiDrive still download the file until the handle get dropped.

Did a few tests with Rust coding and its still behave the same for a 10 GB file if the program only read 100 Mb of that file and keep the file handle opening it in case.

The most interesting thing is the old version works just fine (2020.11.54) while this issue only appears in newer versions from that old version, i will keep the old version for working purpose. The old version did take enough data to read and stop right there instead of downloading the whole thing like the new version.

Hi~ @Potato ,

We’re trying to confirm the issue you mentioned.
Storage and log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) where the issue occurs are required to accurately check the issue. If you send us two pieces of information by e-mail(, we will get back to you after checking.

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