RaiDrive is using RAM Memory

Hello, I’m using RaiDrive for connecting to NAS Synology server.
But somehow Raidrive is taking more and more RAM memory, please find enclosed a snapshot form the task manager. I was only using a excel file from the server. Version 2020.6.25

When you edit file from remote storage, there will download to your pc first and then open it. Not open them directly. That’s why it consumes the resources on your pc.

try Minimem

I can confirm this. Sometimes Raidrive Service is using all Free Memory, only solution is restart the Service.


I can confirm this is still happening, even in an idle state with nothing being accessed by the drive mine is using 9GB of memory. A restart will fix the issue but only temporary.

Windows 10 Pro x64
RaiDrive Version: 2020.11.43

@RaiDrive Any update on this?

This is during idle.

Hi~ @Scottslegacy,

We are working on distributing the latest version that solved the issue you mentioned. We will release the latest version as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for the update =)