RaiDrive is using RAM Memory

Hello, I’m using RaiDrive for connecting to NAS Synology server.
But somehow Raidrive is taking more and more RAM memory, please find enclosed a snapshot form the task manager. I was only using a excel file from the server. Version 2020.6.25

When you edit file from remote storage, there will download to your pc first and then open it. Not open them directly. That’s why it consumes the resources on your pc.

try Minimem

I can confirm this. Sometimes Raidrive Service is using all Free Memory, only solution is restart the Service.


I can confirm this is still happening, even in an idle state with nothing being accessed by the drive mine is using 9GB of memory. A restart will fix the issue but only temporary.

Windows 10 Pro x64
RaiDrive Version: 2020.11.43

@RaiDrive Any update on this?

This is during idle.

Hi~ @Scottslegacy,

We are working on distributing the latest version that solved the issue you mentioned. We will release the latest version as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for the update =)

@RaiDrive has there been a release for this fix? I think i missed a couple nightly build patch notes, wasnt for sure if its been fixed with a nightly release yet.

I still have this issue with the current version (2021-05-20). Has this been addressed in newer betas?

I have never edited files on the remote system, and have yet to even access the drives since the last restart.


They took a look at my log files and it actually wasn’t caused by a memory leak, they said it was due to me having a large amount of files on my drive and the indexing it does, uses up the memory.

Hi~ @Nathan_Dick ,

We’re trying to check the error you mentioned. A memory dump file is required for accurate verification. If you send the memory dump file to us by e-mail(, we will check the situation and tell you again.

  • How to create a memory dump

When the memory is increased,

In Task Manager, select the RaiDrive.service.x64.exe file, right-click and click “Create Dump File”


If you go to the indicated path, compress the generated dump file and send it to us by e-mail(, we will tell you again after confirmation.

Hi~ @Nathan_Dick ,

We took a good look at the memory dump you sent me.
There are over 300,000 files in use.
Therefore, since the information of the file kept in the internal memory is very large, it uses a lot of memory.
We don’t see any other memory leak situations.
When RaiDrive imports a list, memory usage increases because it keeps all file information in its internal memory.
Please bring only as many file lists as you need.
If a full file scan is required, try disconnecting and reconnecting the drive to reduce memory usage.