Raidrive can not synchronize Accounts automatically

My Raidrive normally does not synchronize Accounts automatically, Now I often edit file directly on a cloud as Google drive, Microsoft sharepoints. But When i use the other drive from Raidrive. There is not anything in folders, In this case I must click stop that drive and click play again. It display all of folders. Every accounts also have the same synchronize errors. How can i fix them?

Hi~ @Steve_Nguyen ,

Did you check the “Update storage changes asynchronously” option in the drive settings?

RaiDrive fetches changes from the remote at intervals of between 15 and 300 seconds, so changes may not appear immediately.
Also, the server doesn’t get changes in real time, so they may be reflected more slowly.

For a slightly faster update, try pressing F5 in Explorer.

If the issue persists, please let us know what you’re doing so we can test it.