Raidrive and Terminal Server and multiple users

Good Morning.

I have a problem with RAIDRIVE on a windows Server 2016.

We have bought the PROFESSIONAL version.

I have a space in Google Drive, and 4 users in the TERMINAL SERVER. I create the unit in the 4 users (same credentials, we only have one) and it disconnects in the others.

I connect the first and it works great, but when I connect the second user, it disconnects from the first and works only on the second.

What can be? or can not be? And if it can, how could we do it?


Hi~ @info4,

Could you send log file when you meet a trouble?
Please send the log file via e-mail(

  • Log file : C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

If you can reply, we will review the error and contact you again.

Thanks a lot

File sent.

Hi~ @info4,

4 users must subscribe to 4 licenses to use the Professional Edition. When there is 1 license, if you log in from another device, you will be logged out from the device you were originally logged in to. (1 device = 1 License)