RaiDrive 2023.2.22 slow performance on sFTP

We migrated to version 2023.2.22 from old 2021 version and we experience perceived slower performance while connecting sFTP.
We already disabled any functionality that are highlited as ‘slow’ in the advanced settings.

Is there any evidence of impact ed performances with the newer version ?

Any suggestion to fine tune performances ?


Kind regards

Hi~ @marco.bertolino72 ,

Check out the new release (2023.2.40) to see if the performance drops as well and let us know what you find.

is there any specific improvement expected for sFTP connection in release 2023.2.40 ?

Kind regards.

Hi~ @marco.bertolino72 ,

There were no SFTP-related fixes, but it could be an issue with version 2023.2.22, so please test it after installing and let us know your results.