Problems when process folders/files when using 'du' under cygwin for Raidrive

Hello staff, I think that Raidrive have some problems when you are run du commands under cygwin.
It seems like accessing SMB shares from Cygwin can be a pain for Raidrive

I try to describe problem here

I mount raidrive drive on Z:\ path and I test same command script, before on Raidrive disk path (or 'network path) and then on a local path.
For strange reason running that command on a raidrive disk give me a timeout problem but while folder is created immediately then folders can’t be moved and last mv command is not ‘frozen’ by Raidrive.
I don’t know why

You can see what happens and what do I mean

Hi~ @Jack_Rock ,

A log file is required to check the exact condition.
If you send us the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) via e-mail(, we will check it again and let you know.

Ok, check now, please I sent you the LOG file.
If you want you can test from cygwin these commands on Raidrive and you see that vertical cursor blinks but no messages are displayed on Terminal

I test with these 3 commands


time du -sk "/cygdrive/Z/ANIME E CARTONI/# DA SISTEMARE ED ESTRARRE _ DVD/# 22"


time find "/cygdrive/Z/ANIME E CARTONI/# DA SISTEMARE ED ESTRARRE _ DVD/# 22" -type f -printf '%s\n' | awk '{ s += $1 }; END { print s }'

3. it takes a lot of time to move in folders according to this script


mkdir -p "$z/over40gb" || exit 1

for dir in "$z"/*/
    [ "$z/over40gb/" = "$dir" ] && continue

    size=$(du -sk "$dir" | awk 'NR == 1 {print $1}')

    [ "$size" -ge 80000000 ] && mv "$dir" "$z/over40gb/"

80000000 = 80gb , you can change this value

Hi~ @Jack_Rock ,

There seems to be a issue with cygwin’s du command.
As a result of checking with our internal test, it was confirmed that all files were downloaded when du command was executed.
If there are 100 files in a subfolder, du downloads all 100 files and checks them.
If the file size is less than 1MB, the entire file is downloaded, and if it is larger than 1MB, only 1MB is downloaded.
So if you have a lot of files in your subfolders, the download will happen for all of them.
Because RaiDrive is a virtual file system that operates on demand from the file system, these download issues are beyond RaiDrive’s control.

If you have any other comments, please let us know.