PrimoCache doesn't work with Local Disk RaiDrive

This is not really big problem but i tried use PrimoCache ( - A software which cache block offset files to another partition for faster read (It would cache better in theory than RaiDrive’s cache) but PrimoCache seems can’t read any input and output from Local Disk created by RaiDrive. (Public and Private option checked).
The issue can be checked with Task Manager on Windows 10 as well, there’s no read/write speed Mb/s on local disk created by RaiDrive when using download/upload to RaiDrive.
It can lead to measure i/o disk programs and cache disk programs doesn’t work properly in case some users like me would love to utilize fully local disk feature.
P/S: In my case, i just want to reduce API calls and unnecessary data in cache to work with big data files, for example SQL database files.

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