Please, add more Windows contextual menu options, like "Share link" like if you were on the cloud website

Hi! I discovered Raidrive a couple weeks ago, and I´m having a blast with it. It works just they way I wanted it to work.

But I have one suggestion for a feature I think it´s really useful: Create/Show Share Link

Another software similar to RaiDrive called AirLiveDrive has this feature. Indeed, it has more options on the Windows contextual menu. But the one I think we all need the most, since we are using a CLOUD Drive, it´s the “Create Share Link option”. This way we can just right click any file/folder and with one click create the same sharing link we get on the cloud drive when using their software or their website.!

Here are some screenshots for this feature running on AirLiveDrive:

In my case I´m using Google Drive, and this feature works perfectly on AirLiveDrive.

I hope you consider this feature for RaiDrive, even if it is a premium one. It is really useful.