Only one Raidrive education running at a time

Hello, i have education subsription free and have two PCs with raidrive running. When i use one PC at home and the other is left running at school, for example, then Raidrive changes from education to standard and i have to logon again.

Education free subscription is supposed to be 4 Raidrive running isn’t?


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No answer?

Sorry because Spanish but this capture says that “Changed to standard edition” “all drives will be reconnected…” when i connect Raidrive with a second PC. Problem is that when edition is changed al drives are stopped and started again.

Hi~ @lauracv,

4 RaiDrive Running does not mean 4 licenses, but means that 4 RaiDrives can be run when using multisession on Windows on one device. When used on multiple devices, you must subscribe to the Professional Edition (1 device = 1 license).

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Ok thank you it’s clear now :slight_smile: