One Drive turns into a removable storage drive after time

Context: Mounted OneDrive as a local mount, Using qbittorent to download files straight to the mounted OneDrive. Only happens while downloading something from any torrenting client.

So im a subscriber and have a OneDrive Business account mounted as a local drive but after a certain amount of upload the drive starts too crash and ultimately turns into a removable drive and halts all uploading. Is this a problem with me, OneDrive, or RaiDrive?
Its really annoying and what im currently doing is a really stupid method but it works. I’ve installed the client on a linux version and FTP the files over to my windows to be able to move them to the mounted onedrive. There is also occasions where it reaches like a 99% or 100% transfer/download rate but isnt exactly finished. So im not sure if its uploading or something. OneDrive also seems to have problems syncing on ubuntu aswell from what ive seen. Is there an upload limit or should i just download the OneDrive software and deal with them trying to sync everything to my pc when i only want uploads

Hi~ @Tri_Hard ,

Please e-mail( the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) when an issue occurs to check the exact situation. We will tell you again after confirmation.

I found the log, i will be emailing them now.

Here’s also proof of the drive becoming a removable drive itself

Hi~ @Tri_Hard ,

According to the log, you tried to save an existing file.
If you save the same file, RaiDrive must download all the contents of the existing file.

Since RaiDrive is a virtual file system, we can’t decide whether you want to upload a file in full or just a part, so we always assume that you only modify it partially.
So, it will fully download that file before every write operation.
And, when writing is complete, the entire file is uploaded.
(OneDrive does not support uploading only partial data.)

According to the logs, when RaiDrive was trying to download all of these existing files, the OneDrive server disconnected during the download.
We don’t know why the OneDrive server disconnected during the download.
This could be caused by a network problem or a problem with the OneDrive server.
Therefore, all write operations will fail because the original data has not been completely downloaded.

We can’t fix it because the cause of the error is remote or on the network, but we’ll see if we can improve our handling of this error situation.

If you get an error when saving a file, we suggest that you first save it under a new name and then delete the old file.

We apologize for the inconvenience.