On sign up page, links to terms and privacy are wrong

I’ve just signed up to professional subscription - at the end of the sign up process, there are two links to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy which you have to tick to agree before you can subscribe. These links are both wrong … https://www.raidrive.om/about/termshttps://www.riadrive.com/about/privacy … it did make me a little suspicious tbh but I have been using Raidrive for a long time now do I assume it’s just a little error that hardly anyone with notice. M

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Dear @Mark_Mills,

We really really appreciate for correcting our very big mistake. :bowing_man:
This has been fixed right now. We will be more careful not to happen again. Thank you again for your understanding and consideration.

Please don’t apologise - your software has completely changed my working practice. It’s the least I can do to support you by subscribing to the professional edition. Thank you :pray::ok_hand: M

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