On launch 2nd entry fails, but can connect manually without changes

I have 2 folders on a Synology NAS using webdav. I have setup connections to each using different drive letter for each folder. On launch the second drive mapping has an error indicator on the settings icon.
If I click the settings icon, then click connect it works.
Why doesn’t the second mapping work on launch.

Hi~ @fredessa ,

The issue you mentioned is a warning that occurs when a drive or volume name conflicts with each other.
This occurs because the collision situation is not checked in real time, but at a specific point in time. It is difficult to check in real time because checking in real time uses a lot of resources.
It’s not a critical situation, so please tell us again if you think it happens too often while using it.

Thank you for your response.

This is more than a warning , it doesn’t complete the second mapping.

It is very common to have 1 volume with 2 or more shares on that volume.

It is very common to map a different drive letter to each share.

I am not understanding what the conflict is.

(is it because the 2 shares are from the same volume?)

(is it because I use the same set of credentials to connect to each of the shares?)

The drive letters are different so that’s not it.

F: maps to \webdav\data

P: maps to \webdav\private

I am trying to automate this by launching RAIdrive in Windows startup.

Even If I launch RAI drive manually , instead of through startup the second mapping always fails.

Each morning the client has to open RAI drive, click the settings on the P: mapping, then click connect.