Office lock file problem

i’m using raidrive to connect to my google drive.
I actually have a problem with office files. the lock file is empty and shows 0 Ko.
We are using the same Gdrive account on 5 PC to access the files and this is causing some problems because it doesn’t say that someone has already opened a file.

Please Help !

we are on Office 2019 up to date + Raidrive 2020.6.70 (Free version)

i just realized that it is a paid option…is that right ?

@RaiDrive Please can you confirm that the File Lock addon is working on Gdrive ?
if someone already opened an xlsx file, the other one will see the popup alerting him about that file already opened ?

in your page here this sentence is confusing :

in any storages besides
in most applications on WebDAV

Thank you

i bought 10 licences + file lock addon yesterday and i can confirm that the file lock is not working on Gdrive

I canceled my subscription. @RaiDrive in your plans page you really need to make a correct sentence about that, your actual sentence is too confusing. This feature only works on some WEBDAV clouds.

Hi~ @cetipabo2, @JAL.

Could you please send us the log (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) of the issue you mentioned through e-mail (
If you send us the log, we will analyze it and tell you again.

Hello @RaiDrive i can send you my logs.

i just realized that i had to check the “File Lock” setting in Raidrive in order to Activate the feature…
I though it was automaticaly activated by the licence…But the licence only “unlock” the feature, and we have to activate it to enable it in our Gdrive.

Thanks for the support !