Name bug with google shared drive

I have a name bug issue or cache issue

how to represent:

  1. create a google team drive folder with file a b c
  2. mount with raidrive
  3. Open shared folder with file (a b c example)
  4. move files to another team drive folder, wait 120 second and copy all files back (use another soft, not raidrive, web\rclone\airdrive as example)
  5. see that you have a b c original name in cache, and a(1) b(1) c(1) files that copyed new
  6. try to open original file - they disappear as doens’t exist
  7. open new a(1) file, and its work well
  8. remount shared disk, and you see a b c file, that’s opened well and seems new.

Hi~ @111218,

We need some information to reproduce the issue you mentioned.
Please send us the information and we will tell you again after the issue is reproduced.

  1. Did you move files from Shared Drive A (Z:/A) to Shared Drive B (Z:/B) or from Shared Drive A’s C folder (Z:/A/C) to Shared Drive A’s D folder (Z:/A/D)?

  2. Why waited 120 seconds after moving the file?

  3. When We tested it internally, the issue you mentioned is not being reproduced. Could you please elaborate on the procedure with an example for a more accurate test?

  4. Could you please send me the log(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) of the issue you mentioned through e-mail(

open shared disk Z:/A
move all files from folder A to your personal google drive (Airexplorer example)
do not close Z:/A (priority!)
copy all files back
you see in Z:/A only original files
try to open - it disappear, than a(1) copy appear.
remount drive, than you found Z:/A with original file name A, B, C …

Try to evade cache issue, but doesnt help

If folder doens’t in use, dub files doens’t appear

Send a video example what i mean