Move fails when there is a @ in the path

Dear All,

I am testing Raidrive with Nextcloud and after extensive troubleshooting I found that whenever there is @ in the path, the MOVE requests fail with a 409 error code.

The Nextcloud is latest version (17).

Raidrive is 1.8.0.

The @ is in the path because I use email addresses as username in Nextcloud.

Any Microsoft Office application is unable to use the shares as the way how they save a file involves a move. You end up with files with 0 length.

I tested simple renames from Windows Explorer and those fail as well.

Anyone having the same problem?

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Hi~ @grepaly,

Thanks so much for your report. :+1:
We’ve missed this issue, which will be fixed in the next version.

@RaiDrive, I am amazed by the quick response! Looking forward to test it :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the 2019.11.29 version. (So from now on the version number has been replaced by the date, right?). I tested, and it seems to be resolved. Thank you!

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