Memory issue not fixed

In your latest update you posted that the memory leak has been fixed.

RaiDrive 2021.5.20

  • Memory: clearly clean-up unused space (finally)
  • File Lock: warning message for a Standard Edition
  • FTP: download performance on the ipTIME

I can tell you that with the newest version its still there. The images below show 10GB of memory being used on idle with nothing utilizing it. Not a big deal for my system honestly as i have 32GB of memory in it, but people with less might run into problems. Using Windows 10 Professional x64.


Hi~ @Scottslegacy ,

What drives do you increase memory with? (GoogleDrive, Mega, WebDAV, etc.)
And I would like you to send me a memory dump to check the status quo. (The memory dump is very large, so be sure to compress it and send it by e-mail(

How to make a memory dump

  • You can create a dump file by right-clicking on the RaiDrive Service in Task Manager and clicking Create dump file.

This is with Google Drive (Shared Drives).

I have sent an email as requested with the compressed memory dump.